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Waste Pipe
Waste pipes are installed in kitchens and washrooms for draining excess liquid. These are ideal for dishwashers, sinks, plumbed fixtures and drain washers. Waste pipes easily carry away the liquid without creating any kind of mess. These are available in different sizes and dimensions.
Bathroom Shelf
Bathroom shelves are prepared for making space for keeping toiletries in an arranged manner. These are compact in design and do not take much space for the installation. Bathroom shelves give the interior an elegant look. Our offered products have maximum durability and lightness.
PVC Bib Cock
PVC bib cocks control the flow of water of a drain or water supply pipe. These are also capable of connecting a hose. The said products are mounted on walls for washing and cleaning purpose. PVC bib cocks have a long lasting shine, maximum durability and robustness.
Washing Machine Hose
Washing machine hoses are used especially in sanitary operations of washing machines. These are installed at the end of the washing machine cycle and connected to the sewer system. Washing machine hoses are easy to use, install and maintain.
Toothbrush Holder
Toothbrush holders are wall mounted products that are processed for keeping the toothbrushes and toothpastes in an organized manner. These are made of high grade plastic material and tools. Toothbrush holders are usually mounted above the wash basins in the bathroom.
Soap Dish
Soap dishes are crafted for keeping the soap bar away from water and hygienic. These are integrated with holes or spaces for the water to drain, so that the soap remains dry. Soap dishes are mounted on the walls above the sink.
Swan Tap
Polo PVC swan neck tap is used for turning on and off water supply. It is widely found in households for garden irrigations, bathrooms, kitchen, washing, basin and bath tubs. Polo PVC swan neck tap has maximum durability, easy usage and fine finishing.
Washing Machine Accessories
Washing machine tap adaptor is connected to the water supply. It can also be connected to the dishwashers and fridge freezers. Washing machine tap adaptor find its application in residential areas. Our offered appliance is made by using PVC and SS material.
Sink Cock
Polo 8-inch sink cock is prepared using polyvinyl chloride material and advanced tools. It is utilized in bathrooms, kitchens and washbasin areas. Our supplied product provides resistance against vibrations and shocks. Polo 8-inch sink cock has fine finishing and strong structure.
Set Top Box Stand
Set top box stands are being offered here at Manthan Polymer. These are transparent, sturdy and light weighted. Our provided products are used for keeping set top box safe and secure. Set top box stands are resistant to impact and breaking.
Pen Holder
Unbreakable multi user pen holder is made from top grade plastic material. It is found in offices, homes, schools etc. for keeping pens and pencils. The said product allows easy access to reach pen whenever required. Unbreakable multi user pen holder has a beautiful appearance.
Nylon Cable Tie
Nylon cable ties are ideal for mechanical equipment, fixed internal lines, bundling, bicycle packaging. As the name signifies, these are made by using top grade nylon material. Nylon cable ties also find their usage in horticulture, binding items, agriculture and handicrafts.
Bib Cock Tap
White PTMT bib cock taps are installed in bathrooms, kitchens and sink areas. These are utilized for supplying water for cleaning and washing. Our products have maximum durability, light weight and anti-abrasive structure. White PTMT bib cock taps are used for turning on and off.
Plastic Taps
Plastic taps are fabricated for supplying water for washing and cleaning purpose. These are used in residential areas in kitchens and bathrooms. The said products have a rugged structure which is easy to install. Plastic taps are accessible in different sizes, colours and design.
Washing Machine Pipe
Washing machine white pipe has an ivory colour, elegant appearance, fine finishing and ruggedness. It is used for draining out the water from the washing machine. The offered item is appreciated for easy installation and maintenance. Washing machine white pipe has a longer service life.
Acrylic Bath Accessories

We present a range of acrylic bath accessories that utilized in the bathrooms. They look very classy and modern in appearance and are made using sturdy quality raw material with great stability and durability.

Cable Clip

Cable clips are helpful for the organization of cables in right places with plenty of electrical equipment, such as those behind computer workstations, TVs systems.